We understand how busy you are.

You have a waiting room full of patients who need to be seen. You want to ensure that every patient gets the products prescribed. You need to do all of this and 10 other things while you answer questions from colleagues and patients.

What you really need is a medical supply company that cares. That’s where CHC comes in.

When your patients are frustrated with service issues, you get the call. Then, you need to find time in your busy schedule to address the problem. You’re not focused on the critical task at hand. You’re not doing what you need to do most.

CHC is what you need. Choose us because we choose to move health forward.

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Ordering is easy. It’s your choice. You can call us directly and our knowledgeable, friendly product specialists will help you. Or you can submit an order by fax or electronically. We accept Medicare, Medicaid and most third-party insurances.

It’s simple – we care.

You Send Prescriptions / Order

We Verify Patient’s Insurance Coverage + Billing

We Pack Their Supplies

We Ship Their Supplies

Your Patient Gets Their Supplies at Home

We process orders quickly to provide you and your patients with industry-leading turn-around.


We support Wound Expert, iHeal, Epic, Allscripts and other EMR tools.

“Our contact is friendly and helpful, the supplies are shipped in a timely fashion, and you have easy to order options.”

– Wound Care Clinic

“Our contact is always available and is always willing to help with any issue at all times. The customer service team is wonderful.”

– Urology Office

Healthcare Professional Survey 2018

Ellen Laman

Ellen Laman

“They’re willing to listen, they’re receptive, and they take care of any problems.”

Ellen Laman is a wound and ostomy specialist at Montgomery Home Health who deals every day with patients experiencing a great deal of stress.

The fact that Continuum takes their needs just as seriously as she does means a lot.

“Things may seem little, but they aren’t little to the patient and they aren’t little to me,” she said. “For instance, we had an issue with a certain type of tape that just wasn’t sticking. I called and said we can’t have this for our patients anymore, we need to change and get another product that will hold dressings in place properly, and they did it. Any request I’ve had that’s been to the benefit of patient care has been taken care of, and that’s huge. It’s nice to know you can call someone.”

Whether a patient’s wound care needs are extreme or relatively minor, Laman said, they all deserve attention. They get that from Continuum, with prompt assistance and quick rectification of any issues that might come up.

“They’re a very responsible company and they stand behind their word,” she said. “They’re willing to listen, they’re receptive, and they take care of any problems.”