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Joe Lesniewski

“From day one, the service was phenomenal!”

Joe has a lot of experience dealing with medical supply companies, and not all of it is good.

He suffers from venous ulcers and when wounds open on his legs he needs ABD pads, gauze, silver alginate dressings and other materials to help the healing process and stave off infection.

When his supplies don’t arrive on time, or his order is wrong, he has to drive to the drugstore and spend money out of pocket to hold him over until they get it right.

Fortunately, that no longer happens now that he’s working with CHC Solutions.

“From day one, the service was phenomenal,” Joe said. “Every order I’ve placed has come within 18 hours, regardless of the day of the week. The people I’ve talked to have been extremely helpful. They are friendly and the orders are always perfect.”

Joe, who lives in Erie, Pennsylvania, also appreciates the reminders he gets from CHC Solutions when it’s time to reorder. Because venous ulcers are hereditary, many of his family members also have wound care needs and he’s referred them all to CHC Solutions, he said.

“It simplifies my life so much knowing that I can get what I need on time,” he said. “It’s peace of mind.”

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