Preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Managing diabetes can help relieve underlying health issues. It can not only promote faster wound healing, but also reduce risk factors that may contribute to a diabetic foot ulcer. For instance, good blood glucose management helps maintain adequate circulation and oxygen flow to the lower extremities.

Good diabetic control and lifestyle modifications include:

  • Keeping blood glucose levels optimal
  • Maintaining good nutrition and eating habits
  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Avoiding smoking

Diabetic Foot Care to Help Prevent Ulcers

In addition to maintaining good diabetic control, a healthcare professional should instruct individuals with diabetes to:

  • Examine their feet daily with a mirror and look carefully for fungal infections or any abnormalities.
  • Wash and dry feet at least once a day in lukewarm water (tested with elbow), paying special attention to drying between the toes.
  • Do not use heating pads or place feet close to heaters.
  • Always use footwear inside and outdoors.
  • Use close-toed shoes if they cannot feel their feet.
  • Use cotton socks and change them daily.
  • Have a podiatrist or wound care professional carefully cut toenails so the individual does not accidentally hurt themself.
  • Treat dry feet with lubricants, but do not apply between the toes.

Important Things to Note

In addition, those with diabetes should have a comprehensive foot exam yearly. Along with this careful physical exam, healthcare professionals should reinforce best practices of diabetic foot self-care at each visit. This can help to ensure the individual understands the recommendations and importance of caring for their feet.

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