Closed System Catheters Benefits

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Cheryl Hutton, a wound, ostomy and continence nurse (WOC nurse) with CHC Solutions, Inc., informed us of the benefits of closed system catheters.

What Is a Closed System Catheter?

A closed system catheter is a type of intermittent catheter. Anyone can use it, but it must be ordered by a doctor.

Benefits of a Closed System Catheter

There are a few reasons why some people prefer this type of catheter.

  1. First, it helps lessen the possibility of bacterial contamination.
  2. Secondly, it is convenient and good for travel.
  3. Thirdly, it is sterile.

Lessening the Chance of Bacterial Contamination

Closed system catheters have a sterile, pre-lubricated catheter with an introducer tip on one end. The introducer tip is a small tube that is inserted into the urethra. Then, the catheter passes through the inside of this tube into the bladder.

Bacteria can cause urinary tract infections (UTIs). When catheterizing, bacteria is often located near the urethral entrance. The introducer tip helps act as a barrier that helps prevent the catheter from coming into contact with this bacteria.

Travel Convenience

A closed system catheter comes with a clear collection bag. This means that there is no need for a toilet or receptacle when emptying the bladder. It is good for use on the go, and it can be used in any area with privacy.  

Sterile Feature

Also known as “touchless” catheters, closed system catheters are generally very sterile because your hands do not come in contact with the catheter.

The catheter is inside the clear collection bag. Then, it slides, directly from the inside of the bag, through the inside of the introducer tip into the bladder.

How Does a Closed System Catheter Work?

Most closed system catheter kits have a sterile drape, sterile underpad, cleanser for around the urethral opening and gloves. Insert the catheter by advancing it out of the bag and into the urethra until it reaches the bladder. Once in the bladder, urine will drain into the attached collection bag.

Finally, most closed system catheter kit collection bags have measurements on them to measure the output.

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