Specialty Products from Our Rehabilitation Technician

CHC's Rehabilitation Technician

At CHC Solutions, Inc. we have a variety of services and specialty products that we can provide. Our team, such as our rehabilitation technician Sultan Holly, works hard to help our customers with their needs.  

“We service every piece of equipment we provide. For instance, we have hospital beds, specialty beds, wheelchairs and power wheelchairs and more,” said Holly.

Receiving A New Specialty Product

Holly provides home assessments for specialty products such as canopy beds, shower chairs and lifts. First, he inquires about the needs of the customer so that he can recommend a specific product. Then, he goes directly to the customer’s home to ensure there is enough room for the product. For instance, he can measure doorways to see if it is possible for a product to be placed in a specific room. If there is a problem with space, he can recommend another product.

While there, he also completes a safety check for the customers by doing things such as making sure the outlets are compatible with the products. Finally, he always ensures that the products are in proper working condition.

Other Services

Also, Holly and the other rehabilitation technicians help with other tasks. If a customer experiences an equipment problem, Holly can go to the household, assess the situation and work to resolve the problem. He can help assemble products at our warehouses as well.

If you have any questions about any of our products or on what we can provide, please call us at 1.800.220.5262.

For more information, check out our specialty products blogs page. We offer helpful resources and highlight a variety of products such as mobility aids, bathing assistance, nebulizers and more. https://www.chcsolutions.com/continuum_connect/specialty-products/.

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