LaLu & Company Children’s Bookbags for G-Tube Feeding

G-tube Bookbags

LaLu & Company created kid-friendly, modified bookbags that hold all the necessary g-tube supplies for feeding. There are a variety of options and sizes. These g-tube bookbags are great for children that want to play and move around while getting their necessary nutrients. They can have free hands and go wherever they like without being followed by an IV pole.

Structure of the G-Tube Bookbags

LaLu & Company modifies bookbags made by Skiphop to make tube feeding easier. All the bookbags include a grommet and hook and loop strap. The grommet is on the side of the bag. It allows the cords to have easy access from the formula bag (inside the bookbag) to the G-tube site.

The hook and loop strap is inside the main compartment of the bookbag near the top. There is a strong metal snap that holds the formula bag in place.

If you use the Enteralite Infinity pump, you may want the bookbag with an additional grommet that connects the main compartment to the smaller front pocket. This way, you can put the pump in the front pocket and have the cords all inside the bookbag and connected to the formula bag.

Sizing of the G-Tube Bookbags

There are also two different bookbag sizes. The medium size is great for most 3-8-year-olds. The small is great for most children 6 months-3 years old.

The medium bag fits the Kangaroo Joey Pump and the EnteraLite Infinity Pump with ease as well as a formula bag up to 1200 ml. There is additional room for cold packs too.

The small does not come with a front pocket for pumps but can snugly fit the Kangaroo Joey Pump or the EnteraLite Infinity Pump along with a formula bag also up to 1200 ml in the main compartment.

Styles of the G-Tube Bookbags

All bookbags have a fun animal on the front. There are a variety of animals to choose from such as a fox, owl, sloth and leopard.

History of LaLu &Company

LaLu & Company was started in 2016. “La” stands for Lance who is the big brother of Lucas who is the “Lu.” Lucas was born with a severe birth defect. After many surgeries, Lucas is doing well and has a G-tube. The “company” in LaLu & Company represents all those who are involved in helping care for children with severe medical needs. This includes doctors, nurses, advocates, parents and family members and many more people.

Mother of Lance and Lucas, and creator of LaLu & Company, Melissa, stated, “Our little shop, LaLu & Company is such a joy. We get the chance to connect with all of you wonderful families. We love to hear your stories, and we love that our adorable little bags are brightening the lives of children all over.”

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