Understanding an Ostomy Pouching System and Wear Time

Nurse prepares ostomy supplies for use with patient.

After a person has an ostomy surgery, they’re introduced to a life with a pouch – and the patient or their caregiver may have questions. They may want to know how frequently pouches should be changed and the area around the stoma should be cleaned.

There are several variables that may affect how long an ostomate can wear their skin barrier and pouch. While much of it depends upon stoma type, location, and the type of waste material being passed, here are some additional factors that might impact individual wear time:
• Type and consistency of stoma material being passed
• How much a stoma sticks out from the skin
• Climate, patient’s activity level, and how much one perspires
• The condition of the skin around the stoma
• Creases, folds and wrinkles in areas around the stoma
• Type of skin barrier used
• Skin products used underneath the skin barrier

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