Tips for Traveling With An Ostomy

Travel locally or nationally with an ostomy doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little pre-planning and understanding of airport/train station security rules and an individual’s right to privacy, most people can avoid problems and enjoy their travels.

Get to know the TSA. It will set limits on what can be carried, in terms of your supplies, onto a plane, and will have rules about screenings. Remember that all people, including ostomates, have a right to a dignified screening. Carry a card or doctor-issued materials with information about the ostomy and remember to ask for a private pat-down.

Don’t forget packing! It’s always a safe bet to pack at least three days of ostomy supplies in a carry-on package, just to keep functioning safely if luggage is lost in transit.

Convatec’s Travel with an Ostomy resource page provides answers to common questions regarding traveling with an ostomy. While traveling can be stressful, having an ostomy should not be a factor.

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