Swimming With An Ostomy

During the warmer months of the year, children like to cool off and get valuable exercise by swimming. Kids with ostomies are no different.

Children with ostomies should be able to swim in safe water sources like chlorinated pools and the ocean, as long as the ostomy site is healed and protected, according to Complex Child. Children typically should wait about two months after a new ostomy is placed before swimming.

Caregivers should ensure a child’s ostomy pouch is well-secured before swimming. The pouch should be put in place several hours before swimming to ensure the adhesive will form a good seal. For additional security, an ostomy belt or undergarment can be worn, and caregivers can apply waterproof tape to reinforce any adhesives. Commercial, inflatable ostomy protectors, which provide a complete seal around the ostomy site, also might be considered.

Some kids with drainage catheters, vesicostomies or other urostomies might be able to swim, and some might not. Always ask a physician before taking a child swimming, especially if they have immune system issues.

For more information on swimming with ostomies, feedings tubes and other specialized medical supplies, go to http://complexchild.org/articles/2015-articles/july/swimming-splashing/.

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