Ostomy Virtual Support

The United Ostomy Association of America recently shared guidelines on support groups that ostomates can attend virtually and online.   

“In-person peer support has always been at the heart of UOAA,” wrote Ed Pfueller, the organization’s communications and outreach manager, in a recent post on UOAA’s website. “Though people worldwide now routinely connect online with others living with an ostomy, the in-person experience of UOAA’s over 300 affiliated support groups continues to endure and grow year after year.” 

The arrival of COVID-19, however, challenges group continuity, often after decades of holding a routine meeting schedule, Pfueller said. Ostomates new and old continue to need support during this time and video conferencing technology is making this happen.  

There are several resources, both online and by phone, for ostomates around Philadelphia, Pittsburgh; Columbus, Ohio; points in New Jersey and Pennsylvania; and elsewhere. To find a local contact or for more information, visit the Support Group Finder at https://www.ostomy.org/support-group-finder/

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