How Can I Exercise with an Ostomy

According to Hollister, a medical products manufacturer, it may take a few months to fully recover and adjust to your ostomy, but eventually you can exercise again. Exercising is a good way to keep your body active. Having this drastic change in your body may be scary, but don’t let it hold you back from staying healthy.

Types of Exercises

Hollister says it is important to get approval from your doctor before exercising following surgery. Walking is a good segue to more intense exercises. As you feel more comfortable, running, biking, dancing, yoga, pilates and almost every other kind of exercise are also options. Although you may have thought otherwise, Hollister confirms that people with ostomies can swim under certain conditions. So, you have many options for staying in shape. Always be careful to not overdo it, and you may need to wait an extra few months before doing any abdominal exercises while your abdomen heals. Make sure you consult with your physician about what is best for you.

Preventing Hernias During Exercise

A hernia is when your organs penetrate through a spot of weakness in your abdominal wall. To avoid this, make sure you are not putting a lot of strain on your body. Not being able to talk normally and having to hold your breath are signs of too much strain.

For those who love lifting, there is support gear available such as hernia belts to help reduce your risk of injury. Gradually build yourself up to more weight and always make sure you consult with your doctor prior to beginning a regimen.

Helpful Tips When Exercising

Having a buddy to exercise with is always fun. You and your friend can push each other while also making sure you stay in acceptable, safe limits. Hydration is also important especially for those with an ostomy. Drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet.

Exercising can help improve your mood, boost your energy, promote better sleep and keep you healthy. After healing and checking with your doctor, you can get back to your regular lifestyle and feel good! 

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