Going to Disney World With An Ostomy

Disney World’s approach to serving guests with disabilities – including those with ostomies – is designed to ensure every guest can enjoy rides and attractions in the theme parks and resorts. The park system’s Disability Access Service (or DAS card) is about more than getting ahead in line; it is designed to ensure that every guest has an amazing Disney experience.

The “pass” or “card” portion of the DAS name is left over from a time when guests were provided with a paper or plastic card to use in the program. Today, it’s fully digital and integrated into the resort’s wristband or park pass identification, so no additional card or media is needed. A DAS is good for the entire length of your stay (up to 14 days); for Florida or annual passholders, a DAS is good for up to 60 days. The DAS covers both the impacted guest and those in his or her group; if you have a child with a disability, then the entire group is covered under the DAS, as long as the primary user is present when the pass is issued.

A visitor does not need to have a doctor’s note or even reveal the details about the child or loved one’s disabilities. They only need to describe the accommodations the visitor needs to fully enjoy the park. This customized program will provide everything from the need for a quiet area to wait in lieu of standing in line to a pass to bring a stroller right to the loading area of a ride.

Personal information, along with the accommodations needed, will be entered into the DAS and ticketing system and will be available at any attraction visited. When arriving at an attraction, simply let the cast member at the entrance know a DAS is being used.

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