Back To School With An Ostomy

When a child starts going to school with an ostomy, it’s best to be prepared.

Have conversations with the school’s nurse and administrators – let the child decide how small or big the circle of communications should be – about what to expect. Have supplies – maybe two or three full pouch changes and additional clothes, if possible – at the ready in the nurse’s office. And talk with children about how they can relate their ostomy experience to their peers.

When communications are clear with a school’s staff from day one, the affected child will receive proper care and families will have peace of mind. That child’s needs may have changed, but, just as before the surgery, the school’s staff should understand their role in providing aid and support to classroom instruction.

Convatec provides additional tips that may help throughout the process of returning to school following ostomy surgery. Visit Back to School with an Ostomy, or go to their ostomy resource page for additional information.

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