Bladder Irritants

Certain types of food and drink sometimes can increase urinary urgency, or lead to incontinence or bladder pain, according to Cheryl Hutton, a wound, ostomy and continence nurse (WOC nurse) with CHC Solutions, Inc.

“Ever wonder why there is an increase in bladder irritation issues after the holidays?” she asked. “Perhaps it is related to what we eat and drink over the holidays as we celebrate the season with family and friends.”

Cheryl pointed to a resource on the subject from Johns Hopkins Medicine, which recommended eliminating one or more of these foods from the diet to improve bladder and bowel symptoms.

Common bladder irritants include:
• Alcoholic beverages
• Carbonated beverages
• Chili and spicy foods
• Grapes
• Milk products, including cheese, yogurt and ice cream
• Strawberries
• Sugar, especially artificial sweeteners like saccharin and aspartame
• Vinegar

According to Johns Hopkins, if bladder symptoms are related to dietary factors, strict adherence to a diet that eliminates the food typically brings relief in about 10 days. Once an individual is feeling better, they can begin to add foods back into their diet, one at a time.

It also is very important to drink significant amounts of water. Low-acid fruit substitutions include apricots, papaya, pears and watermelon. Coffee drinkers can drink Kava or other low-acid instant drinks. Tea drinkers can substitute non-citrus herbal and sun-brewed teas.

Article referenced: Johns Hopkins Medicine

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