The Tube Feeding ENFit Initiative

Learn from registered dietitian, Gina Salvatori, with CHC Solutions about how the ENFit initiative aims to make tube feeding safer. In addition, learn steps that you can take to start your transition.

What Is the ENFit Initiative

ENFit is a global initiative to make all tube feeding devices specific to only tube feeding. So, all products associated with tube feeding will have a new design that only allows them to connect to other tube feeding products such as extension sets, PEG tubes, NG tubes and syringes.

This new design requires one product to have to slightly screw into another instead of snapping into place. This helps reduce the risk of tube misconnections thus improving patient safety.

Photo courtesy of Stay Connected

Why Is This Happening?

Concern over misconnections and discussions around standardized connections started more than 10 years ago. Without ENFit, different medical devices can easily and accidentally be plugged into the wrong system instead of the corresponding part. For example, a syringe for tube feeding could fit into IV systems of total parenteral nutrition patients. This can cause serious problems.

Also, with this new design, one piece slightly screws into the corresponding piece which makes a more secure connection. This helps resolve the problem of possible disconnection. The current legacy connectors can easily disconnect causing missed feedings, fluids or medications.

ENFit Availability 

ENFit products are available for all product lines. GEDSA (Global Enteral Device Supplier Association) provided the following plan:

ENFit GESDA product lines timeline
Photo courtesy of GEDSA

What You Can Do Now

It is important to start planning now for the transition to ENFit by talking with your healthcare team and medical supply provider at CHC Solutions. There are many resources available to help educate what supplies are available and what products may be needed. For instance, you can find information on the Stay Connected and Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation websites.

Per GEDSA, the steps you want to take include:

  • Learn about the products that are changing.
  • Understand the transition to the new connectors.
  • Have the right products on hand.

For more information or to make the transition, call our registered dietitian at 1.800.220.0798.

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