Feeding Tube Covers on Etsy

Every kid with a feeding tube can get a cloth cover. How about finding one with Woody from Toy Story on it?

These covers provide protection and comfort for children who are tube-fed,but also can be a spark of fun for a process that some might feel is not always enjoyable. The web pages for feeding tube covers on Etsy are great places to find adorable, child-friendly designs.

The fabric pads feature buttons that snap the circular fabric around the insertion area to help absorb any leakage from the stoma and tube, as well as help reduce irritation in that area, according to the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation website.

Etsy sellers have developed multiple designs that kids can wear to protect their feeding tube insertion area. So, make that tube-fed child feel special, and look at the fun designs as some would a backpack — show off that style!

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