We know certain products and equipment can have an incredible impact on overall quality of life.

We offer specialty products that help make life easier for both special needs patients and patients undergoing complex medical care – and our dedicated customer service team helps make receiving them easier, too.

Our brand neutral specialty products are sourced from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. And we can help do the lifting for you throughout every step of the process, from ordering, to shipping and delivery, to recurring orders.

We do it with the understanding that the products you need are important to you – just as your product experience is important to us.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid and most third-party insurances.

Mobility Aids

  • A complete line of both standard equipment and customizable complex rehab equipment.

    *Regional Availability

Power / Manual Wheelchairs

  • Complex Rehab Power + Manual Wheelchairs

    *Regional Availability

Specialty Beds

  • Pedicraft Canopy Bed
  • SleepSafe Bed
  • *Regional Availability

Toileting & Bathing

  • A complete line of standard toileting equipment and systems suitable for patients with complex healthcare needs.

    *Regional Availability