Creating An Emergency G-Tube Kit

There are several items G-tube users or their caregivers need to keep nearby in the event of an incident with the G-tube or an emergency.

First, get an extra Foley catheter – make sure it’s the same French size as the G-tube – or an extra G-tube button, according to the organization Feeding Tube Awareness. In the event that a patient’s G-tube is pulled out or falls out, it’s good to have something nearby with which to replace the tube. If a patient’s G-tube was placed recently, go directly to a hospital emergency room for assistance.

You’ll need a water-based lubricant like SurgiLube or K-Y Jelly, and 5 ml and 60 ml syringes. (The slip-tip 5ml syringe should fit into the balloon port of your G-tube button.)

You also will need a bottle of water, medical tape, an extension set (if you have an extra G-tube button) and a clamp from an old extension set if you are using a Foley catheter.

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