Wheelchair TLC: Tips for Taking Care of your Chair

Your wheelchair is like a trusted friend.

It’s there with you for every event, big and small – from little moments like your favorite breakfast routine, to big life milestones like your graduation.

So, like a friendship, your wheelchair requires a little TLC. It needs care, maintenance and attention to extend its lifespan – which can be as many as 10 years.

Follow these tips – or share them with a caregiver – to help get the most of your chair.

Know what you’re doing.
Make sure you read your owner’s manual thoroughly so that you can get to know the best ways to care for your particular chair. Each model of wheelchair is a little different, so your owner’s manual will help you form good maintenance habits to stick to.

Do routine check-ups.
Each month, check your chair’s tire pressure and visually inspect for general wear, tear and rust. Test the condition of your breaks to make sure they’re not wearing down. Check your upholstery and footrest every three to four months. And make sure each year your chair receives a full maintenance check by a professional.

Keep your chair free from spills.
Always store your chair in a dry place, and if you do make a spill, wipe it up immediately. You can prevent water damage by always keeping your protective plastic covers secured in place. If the electronics get wet, stop using your chair and immediately call a service professional.