The Connect Customer Experience with Libby Powers

CHC Solutions, Inc. supports individuals with special and/or complex healthcare needs through our care-coordination model, Connect. With Connect, patients, their families and caregivers don’t need to worry about when medical supplies will arrive at their homes. We call our customers proactively each month to streamline the process for their reorder deliveries.

What Our Customers Think

Connect Patient, Libby

We spoke with Libby Powers who gets her supplies through Connect. “I’m super happy and so relieved that something so vital to my life is taken care of so well and taken seriously and as a priority. With Connect, we are people and not just numbers.”

Making a Difference

Libby is 33 years old and lives with spina bifida. She works in a human engineering research laboratory. There, she works with assistive technology for quality-of-life services and products for those with disabilities and veterans. Given how her work impacts so many people with disabilities, we are especially happy to help make her life easier by streamlining her medical supply orders.

Immediate Assistance for Connect Customers

Libby made it clear that being on hold on the phone for long periods of time was not doable for her. “Because I am a busy professional working a 9-5 job, taking the time out of my day to reorder my supplies and sit on hold was inconvenient and irritating,” said Libby. “Before Connect, I was sitting on hold forever, and it was frustrating because by the time I finally reached someone, it only took a minute to get the order submitted.” Now with Connect, “I have a good relationship where we can communicate what I need and when I need it. They take care of everything for me.”

Product Coordinator

Our customers have a dedicated product coordinator who is familiar with their history, product needs and preferences. Regarding Libby’s coordinator, she stated, “I have this relationship where I can call real quick asking him to ship something out for me. Then I get what I need within the next day or two after speaking.”

Our product coordinators reorder the customer’s supplies and call them to let them know when they are shipping. “I think the best part about working with Connect is that I don’t have to think about my supplies [being delivered] when there’s so much other stuff that I need to worry about in life, so it helps to eliminate the anxiety and difficulty that ordering supplies can be sometimes.”

Switching Providers

Thinking about switching suppliers? Listen to Libby! “I would encourage somebody who’s interested in Connect to learn more because they are knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding of everybody’s different situations and their different needs,” said Libby.

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