The Connect Customer Experience with Barb Zablotney

Connect customer Barb Zablotney
Barb Zablotney is the president of the South Central Pennsylvania Chapter of United Spinal, the president of Ms. Wheelchair Pennsylvania and a CHC Solutions, Inc. Connect customer. We spoke with her about her experience with CHC Solutions as a medical supplies provider.

When Barb is not busy helping others and making an impact in her community, she enjoys spending time with her friends and traveling. Recently, she was voted one of the top ten unstoppable women for the clothing brand, Torrid. She was just in the brand’s holiday campaign photoshoot and represented the disability community.

Life-Changing Services

Barb stated, “I had another provider before Connect and always had issues with them.” It can be a struggle to wait on hold, and many people don’t have the time to think about ordering their products in the first place. “I always forgot to order my supplies every month. It was a lot of remembering to order on a certain day at a certain time, and I was busy with life.”

Our Connect product coordinators contact our customers, discuss changes in medical necessity and order the supplies for them! These dedicated product coordinators are familiar with our customers’ history, product needs and preferences.

Benefits of Being a Connect Customer

“What I like best about using Connect is that I can live my life and not be inconvenienced or get headaches when dealing with supplies. That is the number one thing.” Our coordinators reach out to our customers to ask them if there are any changes in medical need prior to the order shipping. “My products arrive when I need them, and it’s hassle-free for me.”

Barb also stated, “With Connect, it’s a personalized approach. I am a human being, and I want to be a person and not a number.” That is very important to us at Connect, and our compassionate product coordinators strive to understand our customers and get them what they need when they need it.

Medical supplies customer Barb Zablotney

Streamlined Process For Medical Supplies as a Connect Customer

We streamline the process for reorders and deliveries so that our customers don’t have to worry about when their supplies will arrive. We also serve as a provider for many medical supply needs. If we do not have a requested product, we will still coordinate the order through a vetted partner.

We work hard to provide quick service that makes the lives of our customers easier, and in the case of Barb Zablotney, we provide this service for those who do life-changing work.

Easy Switch to Connect

Switching from one medical provider to another can be a hassle but Connect makes it easy. “At first, I didn’t want to switch, but I kept learning more and more good things about the program,” said Barb. “Then, my friend converted from her multiple medical suppliers to only Connect and said Connect coordinated everything for the transition. It was so simple.”

Considering Becoming a Connect Customer?

Barb Zablotney Connect Customer

Barb provided a bit of advice to anyone considering switching medical supply providers. “It can’t hurt to give it a shot. If you’re not happy with Connect, you can always switch back. For me, it was worth it. The end result saved me time, energy and effort. The fact that Connect handles a lot of the transition makes it easy to switch.”

To learn more and stay up to date, visit our community updates page. Also, learn more about Ms. Wheelchair Pennsylvania on their website.

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