Product Coordinator for Continuum Connect

product coordinator

Anna Mueller is one of the Continuum Connect product coordinators. Her previous work experience includes working at a nursing home for special care patients. There, she became familiar with medical supplies.

“I have a little sister with special needs, so I grew up around that environment. I saw everything my mom had to arrange on her own such as the doctor’s visits and making sure my sister had everything she needed. What I like about this program is that it takes the stress off the family so they can worry less and spend more time with their child,” said Mueller.

Continuum Connect

Continuum Connect gives families one point of contact for all their medical supply needs. The product coordinators, such as Anna Mueller, keep track of everything for their customers. They work with your doctors to keep up with all your scripts and other CHC Solutions teams to get you your supplies. For example, if a patient’s insurance for their nutritionals expired, they would send it over to the authorization team. Authorization would get that ready and let the coordinator know when it’s back. Finally, the coordinator would then work with the family to get their next shipment out.

Mueller works with a specific group of families. This way, if they have any questions, they speak to the same person who is familiar with their case and family. Mueller stated, “It helps us get to know the families on a personal level.”

Mueller’s hard work and compassion is a great asset to the team. “I love working with the patients and was so excited to start working with my group of families. I feel lucky to be helping so many people.”

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